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About Dehn's Garden

Bonnie Dehn After starting out with 20 acres in 1979, the small family farm has grown to 100 acres with 20 greenhouses. Bonnie comes from a family of vegetable growers dating back to her great-great-grandfather. Dehn's Garden Fresh Herbs and Vegetables is a result of Bonnie's passion for cooking and Bob's tireless dedication for the perfect crop.

Our greenhouses protect our plants from the harsh, ever-changing Minnesota weather. Six of the greenhouses are dedicated to growing fresh herbs and baby lettuce using hydroponic growing methods, which keep the crop tender and protected. The other greenhouses are for traditional soil grown crops where we use an organic soil mix for the herbs and vegetable plants, and a custom blended soil mix for our hanging baskets.

We seed our fields in mid-April and wait for the perennial herbs to show their crowns in preparation for the growing season. Throughout the season, we have more than 20 varieties of herbs, 15 types of hot and sweet peppers, 10 varieties of field greens, and eight other varieties of vegetables. Our legendary carrots are the best on the market and so sweet, you'll skip the veggie dip.

We take pride in growing all of our plants, fresh cut herbs and specialty vegetables chemical free. You are sure to find many beneficial insects (especially ladybugs) throughout our farm.

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