DEHN’S GARDEN GREEN NEWS – Issue 3 vol. 82814



What is happening this week

Happy Birthday Bonnie!! We have been celebrating Bonnie’s birthday this week with an amazing cake made by a fellow farmer’s marketeer. Also, our kids are enjoying their last days of summer at the farm. They are helping to harvest, weeding and making sure everything is being done just right. It is an end of an era for us, as all the children will be in school this year.

Our harvest

This week we are harvesting our famous carrots. In addition, we have a large varied amount of our fresh vegetables that we are
continuing to harvest. It is a great time to be using our fresh herbs. They pair wonderfully with many entrees.


Have a safe Holiday weekend!

Our family hopes you enjoy this last unofficial weekend of summer! Have a fun and safe holiday weekend. Good luck with those who have kids
going back to school!



Thank you for your support of this new adventure with our family farm. Please contact us ( anytime you have questions
about this new email order program.



Other happenings at the farm include a hungry monarch caterpillar. They love to indulge on our parsley and dill.


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