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Fresh Herb Guide

Arugula - spicy, nutty flavor that adds spark to salads, stir-fry

Basil - fresh sweet subtle flavor, use in tomato and pasta dishes, pesto, vegetable soups
Cinnamon Basil - sweet cinnamon flavor, great with roasted vegetables

Lemon Basil - tangy lemon flavor, excellent addition to salads, use with fish and chicken

Opal Basil - purple leaf basil, use in tomato, pasta, and salad dishes

Thai Basil - spicy anise-clove flavor, use in stir-fry, salads, and soups

Chervil - add to fish sauces, potato salads, scrambled eggs

Chives - mild onion flavor, use as an accent for salads, stir-fry, omelets and egg dishes

Cilantro - a must for salsa, curry, stir-fry, Oriental and Mexican dishes

Dill - light flavor, use in fish sauces, vegetable dips, serve with fresh potatoes and vegetables
Lavender - adds sweet flavor to breads, cookies
Marjoram - a delightful addition to poultry stuffing, egg dishes, vegetables

Mint - sweet spearmint flavor, use in cool summer drinks, sweet peas, accents new potatoes

Chocolate Mint - chocolate peppermint flavor to add to desserts, tea, and hot cocoa

Oregano - a must for pasta, spaghetti sauces, pizza, and favorite Italian dishes
Italian Parsley - flavors soups, stews, pasta sauces
Rosemary - flavors chicken, marinades, baked meats and fish
Pineapple Sage - adds flavor to pork and chicken dishes, vibrant red flowers are edible
Sage - compliments poultry, dressings, sausages, lamb, veal, cheese flavoring

Savory - adds flavor to green vegetables, meats and soup

Sorrel - a tart taste to compliment cream sauces and fish, adds fun to salads

Tarragon - light anise flavor, add to wine, vinegars, chicken, beef stroganoff

Thyme - compliments vegetables, soups, breads, and meats

Watercress - light snappy flavor, accents salads and sandwiches

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