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Pineapple Sage Bloom Dehn's Garden has been growing a large variety of culinary and specialty herbs for more than 30 years. Bob and Bonnie carefully oversee daily picking to ensure you receive the freshest herbs possible. Our fresh cut herbs are available at the Minneapolis Farmers Market May through October.

Our fresh herbs complement any chef's best creations, and are a healthy and tasty addition to virtually any food. In fact, certain types of Dehn's Garden Fresh Herbs can be made into a meal by themselves.

During the peak season, see our Herb Guide for a list of all the Dehn's Garden fresh cut herbs.

We also offer herb plants for you to grow at home. The largest selection of our herb plants can be purchased at the Minneapolis Farmers Market starting at the end of April and continuing through August.

Growing herbs is an easy, economical way to enhance your garden and your meals. Most herb plants do not require much fertilizer to grow, and generally remain pest free. Combine culinary herbs with vegetable plants in a patio container to deter pests. An example is to plant chives with a tomato plant to deter aphids from damaging your tomato crop.

Yellow Pansy Dehn's Garden Herb Plants typically thrive in full sun. There are a limited amount of herbs that prefer shade or very little sun. Plus, there are many perennial Dehn's Garden Herb Plants that are perfect for any Minnesota garden.

Our herb plants are great additions for container gardens, and add fragrance and texture to a garden. Curled Leafed Parsley, Variegated Lemon Thyme, and Purple Sage are just a few examples of such beneficial herb plants. These and many more Dehn's Garden Herb Plants can serve multiple purposes in the garden. Please come visit us at the Minneapolis Farmers Market for help finding the varieties that work best for you.

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