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Come visit us at the Minneapolis Farmers Market, and experience the growing season with us. Throughout the Market season, Dehn's Garden offers a tender, delectable Baby Lettuce Mix. Dehn's Garden Baby Lettuce Mix melts in your mouth with its unique assortment of Baby Lettuces and Salad Herbs (including watercress, arugula, peppergrass and edible flowers).


Hydroponic Greenhouses We start selling in May, with an array of vegetable plants. We also offer more than three dozen varieties of specialty and heirloom vegetables.

As the spring planting season wanes, Dehn's Garden grows toward summer. We have a large variety of outstanding eating quality leaf lettuces starting Mid-June. The light, frilly Green Leaf stands out in comparison to the bold, brilliant Reds on our tables. Our crisp dark green and bright red Romaines are great for crunchy salads. Our deeply loved, delicate Red Oak Leaf Lettuce adds mouth-watering color to your sandwiches. Plus, we offer traditional, tasty favorites, the soft, sweet dark green Boston and fancy Red Boston varieties.

During late spring into early summer, the tender, melt-in-your-mouth Dehn's Garden Spinach is available. We grow our delicious spinach in our Hydroponic Greenhouses and in our rich and bountiful fields.

Dehn's Garden Famous Super Sweet Carrots


In the summer months you will see even more beautiful vegetables each week. Dehn's Garden offers specialty Zucchini in deep, tasty green and golden yellow. Blue Green Broccoli heads are often available at this time and even later into the growing season.

Bursting into July, Dehn's Garden Famous Super Sweet Carrots shine on the table at the Minneapolis Farmers Market. They have become a favorite for many, so they move quickly. Along with our carrots, bright sweet red and golden beets decorate our summer vegetable table. Other summertime vegetable options include anise-flavored fennel, dark green and ruby red Swiss chard, beautiful ruffled blue-green and red kale.

As the Dehn's Garden growing season continues, you'll see a bountiful harvest of tasty sweet to exceptionally hot peppers. Individual pepper varieties are available as well as a popular colorful combination of sweet peppers and our adventurous hot salsa pepper mix. Dehn's Garden also has ivory white, deep purple and tasty Asian varieties of Eggplant available during this time.

The summer harvest brings beautiful and very unique varieties of tomatoes. Whether it's the incredibly sweet red or golden grape tomatoes or the classic appetizing red slicing tomato, you will taste a piece of summer in each bite. Other tomatoes we have include sweet yellow slicing, roma paste and old-fashioned heirloom varieties.


Fall at Dehn's Garden brings even more diversity. We grow multiple varieties of sweet, flavorful winter squash and exotic pumpkins. Feast your eyes and your taste buds on Dehn's Garden's delicious acorn squash, creamy orange buttercup squash, very sweet delicata squash or moist and sweet butternut squash. We're also known to grow some of the best tasting pumpkins in the state. Sweet deep-orange pie pumpkins, scarlet French Cinderella pumpkins and Traditional Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkins are just a few that we grow.

Dehn's Garden prides itself in the diversity of our vegetable crops. Please visit us at the Minneapolis Farmers Market to see what we can dig up from our fields for your table.

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